TheDailyBreadcrumb-Logo1 copy If you’re looking for little tidbits of cheer that still acknowledge the enormity of  life’s crazy truths, Sunni Chapman’s adorable website is your motherlode.  The Daily Breadcrumb is an expression of a life that evolved from a place of immeasurable pain (and yes, an eating disorder) into something miraculously positive, optimistic, and giving.  In her “Short & Sweet Version” bio, she describes her site as “a little bit of love for your whole-self, and for this whole  SunniChapman-italy1 copy mad-wonderful-mess we call ‘the human experience’”; her humble goal as offering “not only inspiration, but real tools for transformation”.  Couldn’t we all use a LOT of that!

Visitors to her site are greeted first by an example of her handmade illustration and papercraft, serving as a backdrop to the beginnings of her Story.  The image is of a red-headed, mittened girl bundled in a hooded grey coat, laying “a trail of breadcrumbs from the universe”. As the story goes, it was by finding and trusting such transcendental clues that Sunni finally found the true happiness and fulfillment that she now strives to pass on and give back.  Her vision she beautifully writes, draws, and prints into being through her book, greeting cards, papercrafts, music, poetry, and blog – all of which you can find on her website,

LoveYourEveryMoment-big We especially love her poem about stillness and the “quiet commune”, her “Love Every Moment” card, and her blog posts on topics like “How to be Held” and “Understanding: the Place Between Heart and Mind”.  Definitely in tune with our own perspective on life and love.  Give her site a look-see – you might even find the beginnings of your own trail from the universe…