Clothes_closet As an anorexic in recovery, shopping for clothes can be pretty stressful. Even more stressful is realizing you have to shop for new clothes because your old ones – from when you were all skeleton, no size – no longer fit your body in recovery. Add to that the anxiety of financial insecurity related to medical disability and treatment, and you’ve got an emotional disaster that might forever mar your outlook on shopping, or even fashion in general.

The solution? A clothing swap!

78630118Take a room full of girls (and guys, if they’re interested) laden with their forgotten or neglected closet dwellers, give them a good shuffle, and all of a sudden each person has a new set of garments to love and show off – without setting foot inside a mall or a store!

A group of my girlfriends decided to put on one of these a few months back, though I was initially wary of how my body image insecurities might play into (more specifically, ruin) things, I decided to attend. I couldn’t help but dread the idea of trying to wear clothes that once belonged to girls whose bodies I felt I could never compare with.

new-clothes new-clothes2

However, I was most pleasantly surprised: the majority of the garments en offer – some of which were so beautiful I could barely bring myself to try them on, for fear of disappointment – were much more forgiving than I could have imagined! We all unreservedly tried on shirts, pants, dresses, and shoes that seemed unlikely to fit, but more often than not we found ourselves with a new favourite outfit. The acceptance and good humour was astounding! Plus, the sight of my discards delighting a new owner gave me such a feeling of elation that my self-consciousness was almost forgotten. Miracles abound!

ClothesSelf-esteem boost, good company, new clothes – what’s not to like? Give it a try sometime and see what gifts you find. We’d love to hear your story – even better, send us a photo of your success!