This post was inspired by a recent one by Margarita Tartakovsky of Weightless (see the entry here).  Its all about how great a role the way we talk to ourselves plays into the state of our body image, our spiritual condition, and ultimately our overall health.  If we can adjust the stories we tell ourselves by removing the lies and untruths within them and reforming them around a sense of self love, even if we might not yet truly love ourselves, we can shift our thinking and change our body image for the better.

Here are some examples of conversations changed:

I need to lose weight in order to date or form relationships vs I will find the right person for me exactly the way I am.
I will like my body once I lose X number of pounds vs My body will always change and adjust; relying on the scale for self-worth is pointless.
If I were thinner, I would be more beautiful vs If I can love myself for where I am at today, it will shine through beautifully.
My friends can eat or not eat XYZ without a problem; I should, too vs My body has its own needs, so I will focus on nourishing it without judgment based on others choices.
I will start caring for my body once I have reached my goal weight vs This is the only body Ive got; no matter what, it deserves self care.
I cant let myself get more rest; more rest means less exercise, which will make me fat vs I need a balance of rest and exercise to maintain my health and meet life’s challenges, regardless of my body weight, shape, or size.
I am so bad for eating that cookie vs I will not let what I eat determine my sense of self worth.  That cookie was a tasty reminder of the benefits of mindful, balanced eating.
I need to workout every day to make my body look good vs I train for the activities I love; I exercise because it feels good; I strengthen my body so I can better show up for life.
I will never fit in or look the way other people like; the world is only interested in models vs My body is exactly how and where it needs to be today; its the way I carry it with dignity that people notice.

*I could write a whole other table based on anorexic/bulimic dichotomies, but I fear it’s an entirely different beast… future post, maybe?

There are so many other negative things we tell ourselves, sometimes without even being consciously aware of it.  Lets change our conversation and be gentle with ourselves!