I, like many of us (or our friends/family), have spent more time in hospital than I care to admit over my lifetime, recovering from anorexia’s ruthless abuse.  The cold, sterile environment is a harsh one – although I don’t wish to discredit the efforts made to warm it up – and during my stay I felt nothing close to beautiful, glamorous, or attractive.  This is why I’m so excited about Project Lipstick Logo Project Lipstick: a non-profit organization dedicated to providing self-esteem boosts to women in treatment and shelters through “total mind and body make-overs”.  The project distributes cosmetics and beauty products as part of their mission to transform the lives of women by simply helping them to feel beautiful – maybe for the first time in their lives.  Self-esteem seminars, tutorials on writing resumes, interview coaching, one-on-one life consulting, personal care education, and teaching the art of job hunting are also part of their program geared towards arming women for the work force with “the joy and confidence that comes from looking and feeling good”.

Project Lipstick was founded in February 2007 by Breanna Sage, a former model who, in her senior year at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, decided she wanted to create a lasting impact on women’s lives through her skills and connections in the beauty industry.  She saw with compassion a world of women that fall between the cracks and into drug addiction, mental illness, abusive relationships, and other major struggles, and knew they were nevertheless no less deserving of life’s fundamentals.  Self-esteem, Sage believed, was one of these fundamentals.  So, upon arriving in New York City, fashion and beauty capital of North America (although we know Vancouver is a close runner-up 😉 ), she began contacting friends and businesses in search of support.  Knowing how good she felt with a new tube of lipstick or a fresh eye pencil in her had, she set out to distribute self-esteem boosts and small tokens of luxury in the form of cosmetics and beauty products donated by local sponsors.  Later, she added the counseling and coaching component to her program to complete her “total mind and body make-over” mission.  The latest additions to the curriculum is breast exams and pap smear education to further promote health and wellbeing.  Now Project Lipstick has big name sponsors like New Beauty Magazine, Elizabeth Arden and Jouer helping them realize their vision and bring new light to broken women everywhere.

And who doesn’t feel better after a little self-care?  Little gestures of love are such an important part of recovery – but they’re by no means easy ones to give when you’re plagued by a disease of self-hatred.  It’s easy to forget that feeling good truly shines outward, and that we deserve to feel good. 

Come back again soon for another peek through the Looking Glass!