Apple iPodsMy new FAVOURITE thing about riding the bus.

Don’t ask me what my previous favourite was… Probably the freedom from parking woes, or more importantly, the environmental friendliness.

But nevermind that.  Let me explain myself, since I’m sure iPod trading is not (yet) a commonly recognized concept. ipod

I was riding the bus home on a sunny Wednesday afternoon following a rather draining group appointment downtown, gratefully allowing my iPod to rock the blues away.  Traffic both in and outside the vehicle was heavy, but at the first stop on the good ol’ North Shore the aisles cleared. So I found a seat across from a guy perhaps four years my senior who was equally immersed in his iTouch.  I was idly scrolling through my songlist when it occured to me that a crackerjack opportunity was within reach at that very moment.  Why, not only did I have hundreds of my own mp3’s at my fingertips  – only inches away was another device compatible with my earbuds, on which resided countless more songs for me to peruse!  I pulled the ipod-greenjack out of my iPod and offered it to my counterpart in the opposite seat, tapping him on his knee to gain his attention and raising my eyebrows in amity.

After a moment’s hesitation, he grinned in a “why not?” sort of way and disentangled himself from his iTouch.  The swap was made, and within seconds I was (clumsily) navigating the touch screen through a whole new music library.  What FUN!  So many of my favourite artists’ names jumped at me, but hundreds more that I’d never heard of, or had very little familiarity with.  The songs I wanted to hear numbered so great that I never played any of them through entirely.  But that’s okay – since then, I’ve downloaded as many of them as I remember onto my own iPod!   🙂


PS: apologies for the lengthy absence of fresh material!!!