I’m NOT a fan of big cars.  Most of the time, they make me feel sick and completely disappointed in our society.  But usually it’s because these monstrosities are icons of excess, and completely unnecessary wherever I’ve seen them.

In THIS case, however, I have to say this enormous beast of a car is EXACTLY what we needed for our week in Palm Springs:


This boxcar seated seven out of the eight people in our party with lots of legroom and equitable comfort  :)  (meaning that I mean the passengers in the back seats were accommodated just as luxuriously as those in the front).  Each seat had access to a separate air conditioning vent that could be rotated/adjusted according to preference – this came in handy as our temperature tolerances varied widely!  The interior was a rich black with thick leather upholstery that pleased the skin and eased the joints after long hikes in the sun.  Better yet were the tinted windows that blocked the unforgiving UV rays from drying up the cooled body.  Even when we filled every seat, we still managed to cram in our luggage, and later, our formidable grocery loads.



Best of all was the sound system!  Blue-tooth enabled, high-quality speakers with adjustable front/back balance, iPod plug-in, reliable radio, control buttons on the steering wheel for convenience and safety.  Very sleek.  Dad was impressed by the temperature gauge and the compass, and of course wasted no opportunity to inform us of their readings.   😉

Thing was, the tank guzzled gas voraciously and cost upwards of $50 US to fill.  So the verdict was we could drive this car again in future, maybe even as our personal vehicle – but that doesn’t mean we would.