OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Need I say more?? 

Well maybe not, but I will anyway.  You knew I would…   😛

I got this little cutie for Christmas this year from my pop, and from that moment I knew I’d love it.  Who couldn’t, I ask you?  It’s perfect for so many reasons…  One being that it’s incredibly silky to the touch.  The material on the back is so soothing on the weary eyes.   Another being that the elastic has little ridges on it that keeps it in place, but not with brutal determination that culminates in torn hair and tears.  The mask is just thick enough to keep the light out without getting too stifling.

Plus this way I’ll know when that creepy sandman stalker tries to contaminate my eyes with his hocus-pocus muck.  (shudder) 😉

I thought this guy would be the perfect model for this:



Because let’s face it: who makes sleeping more appealing than a big fuzzy teddy?

The “RECHARGING” message is also ideal because I only really need the mask when the daylight intrudes on my attempts to nap – my attempts to recharge my energizer bunny, who in reality has a limited battery life.  I never used to acknowledge that, and would thus defy any inner pleas for an afternoon snooze.

I still feel a bit sick, a little disoriented, and quite groggy after napping, but I’ve finally realized that these are minor prices to pay for the rejuvenation even half an hour of sleep can achieve.  For the most part, now I can hit the sack if I’m really that tired without much guilt or frustration.  It’s not perfect, but I’m still aiming for progress, not perfection.   🙂