I went over to my friends Casey and Shaundra’s house last night for a much-needed yoga practice, just like old times.   :)  Despite feeling completely drained from work, a lingering cold, and some other toils, I knew nothing would stop me from getting there; in fact, all of those strains necessitated the yoga even more.

Miraculously, thoughts of stress and fatigue evaporated even as I climbed the steps to the front door.  No doubt this had a lot to do with the sight of Casey and Shaundra leaping off the sofa to answer my knock!  The exuberant hellos and heartfelt hugs were enough to relieve the weariness from my smile.  We set up our mats right away, and the twins surprised me with an assortment of tea lights to attend our meditation.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         It was such a beautiful embellishment to the evening!  The flickering beams and dancing shadows made our reunion glow in more ways than one.  Peace and serenity seemed to float through the room as though they radiated from the cheery flames and winsome wax.


I was especially comforted by the way the tiny lights cast not the harshly critical beam of the overhead bulbs on my body, but a sort of kindly gaze that sought features more abstract than size or shape.  It was a relief to freely focus on deeper sensations in my joints and muscles, my lungs and abdomen – the rejuvenating stimulation of the yoga practice – without the disruption of self-appraisal and degradation.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Tea lights are definitely one of my favourite ways to dress up a room – for any occasion!  They’re such a simple addition to table settings and mantlepieces that nevertheless create a striking effect.


this little light of mine…

i’m gonna let it shine.

let it shine, let it shine, let it shine…