By the Script, a band that I hadn’t heard of until a few weeks back.  This song has been on the radio quite a bit recently but I never matched the title to the artist.


The thing about this song is it makes me think of the person who put the two together for me, and although I have no regrets about the situation, the slight feeling of loss brings an ache to the moment.

However, the REAL reason that this gorgeous melody continues to replay itself in my overwhelmed mind is because the lyrics resonate with my current thoughts and feelings about Elizabeth.  It doesn’t all fit perfectly, but the majority of it has great metaphorical significance at the very least.

what am I gonna do when the best part of me was always you?

what am I s’posed to say when I’m all choked up that you’re okay?

they say that things happen for a reason, and no wise words gonna stop the bleedin…

cuz she’s moved on while I’m still breathin…

You can be sure this song’s stuck in my head at this very minute… and it’s such a poignant piece of music that it means I’m wandering through the world with a certain weight on my chest, a great blur of colour and sensation in my head.  I just hope I don’t actually fall to pieces!