Cohen1Music really is the voice of the soul, and my god did it touch me the other night.  I was one of the millions of people watching the opening ceremonies on television, reveling in the height of our city’s finest measures – I was very impressed by the structural transformation GM Place (now Canada Hockey Place) has undergone for the occasion.  Loved Sarah McLaughlin’s performance; I’m proud to have Vancouver represented by a voice that evokes the image of clear wind through long windchimes.  But what really stopped me in my tracks as I was tidying up dinner was the mellow tones of my favourite heartsong seemingly floating straight from the venue to my ears.

I couldn’t get a decent video link to that night’s performance, but here’s one from the 2005 Juno Awards.  Some of kd lang’s sustained notes and embellishments don’t quite do it for me, but it’s still a stellar performance.

puss 5605_Shrek

I think the first time I heard Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” was during one of the rare moments that I caught an OC episode on TV.  It was doubtlessly during another soap opera moment of sadness, but for some reason the song stuck with me.  Then, as we all know, it appeared on the Shrek 2 soundtrack, sung by Jeff Buckley.  That’s the track I have and love on my iPod to this day – the same one that soothed my grief and depression around the summer’s losses.



It’s earned a timeless spot on my essential playlist, although it’s not a song that I listen to on a regular basis.  It’s got a power for me that I sink into once in a while, to tune my heartstrings, as it were.  I mentioned it to one of my close friends a long time ago, and I was so surprised when he played it for me on his guitar a little while later!  It definitely reached something deep within.

hallelujah blend

This is a gorgeous photoblend created by Katie Sirinella that I found on the web.  She’s got some others that are outstanding, definitely worth admiring.


The song is rapt with teary beauty, and thus it was a comfort and a friend to me during my sister’s throes of battle and after she passed away.  Hearing it that night during the opening ceremonies, I felt like the song really gave me a personal tie to the event.  Emotion unfailingly wells up inside me when I hear its sweet sad melody.  I guess that’s why I consider it a piece of beauty – one of those things that can bring so much soulful purity to the surface no matter the situation.  Have a listen if you can, and let me know what it evokes for you.    🙂