Being a total blog newbie, I’m fascinated by all the fantastic (and even the less-than-fantastic) blogs out there.  Many of them are so inspiring!  As I told my dad when he asked the other day, some of them track the amazing journeys their authors undertake for rehabilitation, renovation, reincarnation, and reintegration.  I love how the commitment to blogging acts as a motivator for both the writer and reader.  Among them is Jasmine’s Eat Move Write world of health and happiness.  Her bio is incredible – the courage and dedication she’s shown along the way amazes me.  I hope she won’t mind if I post her gorgeous header here:

Today she’s got a giveaway going – one of my favourite benefits to keeping up with blogs.  😀  I always try to get in on a few, but rarely am I successful.  I thought I’d give it a try today though!  Jasmine’s giving away these beauties to two lucky winners:

Apparently they’re made from all natural ingredients, mostly figs and nuts.  Nothing but HEALTHY!  A vegetarian’s friend for sure.  They look like some of the ones I saw when I went to Germany a few years ago.  The thing about those was that their labels were all in German, and there was NO WAY I could read them!  If I had to pick my favourite bar, I’d have to say these little guys are high on my list:

Unfortunately this is the only picture I can get, because my camera’s taken refuge at a friend’s house for the morning.  😦  Anyway, these cuties are the perfect size for pockets and purses, or even glove compartments.  The Caramel Creme (featured) is my favourite, but they also come in Chocolate Caramel, Cranberry Crunch, and Fudgey Brownie with Almonds.  SO YUMMY and good – 100 calories each but 4 grams of protein, only 2.5 grams of fat, and 1.5 grams of fibre.  They’ve got 8 grams of sugar each though, so not ideal, but I put a lot of faith into their quality.  I buy them from my friend Sarah who is just as dedicated to health and well-being as I am.  She also sells some fabulous and guilt-free, environmentally-friendly cosmetics on her website: .  Check it out!  I’m hoping to feature my own giveaway in the near future, and her products would be my first choice to share with you all.

Keep an eye out for more giveaways, and please let me know of any you’ve found on other blogs!