What can I say?  Switchfoot is just such an awesome band.  Check them out, if you don’t know them well.

The first of their albums that crossed my windshield and shook my presence  😉  was The Beautiful Letdown – eleven tracks of rocking intrigue.  I actually bought it for my sister on a friend’s recommendation several years back, and ended up “borrowing it” for longer than she ever kept it.  She got into it too though, and we felt it so appropriate to play the second track, entitled “This is Your Life” at her funeral in November.  The next album, “Nothing is Sound”, quickly found a fond home in my collection, with its first and eighth tracks holding me particularly entranced.  Incidentally, I recently found a note my sister had left me ages ago containing a reference to track nine, “Golden”:  You are Golden, don’t let go.  This song was also the perfect backdrop to the Global Stewardship recruitment powerpoint I created last year.  Truly a moving disc, although I only reluctantly explored the later discs, feeling certain that the new stuff just wasn’t as solid.

LIVE, however, they blew me away as they performed every track from their latest album, “Hello Hurricane”.  Oh. My. GOD!  I’m still SO jazzed this morning.  The concert last night was at the oh-so-fabulous Commodore Ballroom, completely sold out.  I couldn’t believe it – such a great venue (small enough, four bars, balconies and tables as well as a large floor) and tix were like, $30!!  After much deliberation, I decided to leave my camera at home, thinking I wouldn’t be allowed to take it in.  BIG MISTAKE!!!  Still, the photos that my friends and I got with our phones weren’t bad:

What a BLAST.  They meshed “Gone” with Beyonce’s “Crazy Love”, which was extraordinary, and later they did an acoustic performance of “Twenty-Four” that lifted me off the ground.  There’s something transcendent about how great these guys are live; the experience is indescribable –  the aftermath, addictive!!!  God it’s the best kind of sleepless night.  If I didn’t love the front man, John Foreman before, I’m definitely spinning madly for him now.

I wish I could upload the video and recording I took (scratchy though they may be) but wordpress insists on an upgrade purchase to make this happen.   😦

Anyway, for $30 plus some cash for drinks and this T-shirt, we had a kick-ass night.  I’m still soaring high.  It’ll be awhile before I return to earth, but when I do, there’ll be tons more little lusts to take me up again.  Thank GOD!