Sometimes I find there’s just no company like no company at all.  Our little house on Denman Island has accommodated a rotating party of friends and family since we arrived on Christmas Day, and although our guests are far from cumbersome, the presence of additional bodies can drain more than well water.  The space and time (and privacy!) to practice yoga or drill the piano dwindles significantly.  Thus I find myself somewhat stifled as we open a new year.

Thank God there’s no shortage of coastline to troll!  My first southward view of our beloved Fillongley was so rejuvenating:

I walked along the shore, pausing here and there to skip the perfectly flat rocks that lie among the pebbles.  There was a time when moments alone would drive me insane – to be stuck with nothing but the wild torrent of thoughts in my head was unbearable.  Today, however, I was at peace as I wandered with no one but myself.


– with a rainbow to guide me!

My lungs swelled with cool, fresh air.
The rocks and seaweed mumbled beneath my feet.
I felt my body release with every ebb of the tide.
For once I was content in my own skin.

I don’t think I ever fully appreciated the power of a solitary stroll until it became the only relief from self-induced madness.  By removing myself in every sense from the confines of my little world, I effectively force myself to break the bonds in which I’ve tangled myself and breathe – to sweep blessed air through the stale tunnels of obligation and stress I’ve burrowed oh so doggedly.  With each step, I free myself from bondage, one thread of tension at a time. 

I think I’ll resolve to carry this notion with me back to the city, where tension is a constant threat.  It always seems harder to walk there.  There are more people, with higher inclination to pass judgment.  The scenery is synthetic and polluted.  Appointments and activities limit the time available for excursion.  Yada yada yada.  How easily these excuses fall away when I remember the gorgeous creek trail near my house, the term ahead free from school, and my determination to defeat my self-consciousness!  I’m blessed with the opportunity for release, to stop and smell the roses, as it were.